Art – Long Term Overview


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Years 1 & 2

(Year A)


Using drawing, collage and mark-making to explore spirals. Introducing sketchbooks.


Inspired by Flora & Fauna

Explore how artists make art inspired by flora and fauna. Make collages of MiniBeasts and display as a shared artwork.


Be An Architect

Exploring architecture and creating architectural models.


Years 1 & 2
(Year B)

Explore & Draw

Introducing the idea that artists can be collectors & explorers as they develop drawing and composition skills.

Simple Printmaking

Explore simple ways to make a print. Use line, shape, colour and texture to explore pattern, sequencing and symmetry.

Making Birds

Sculptural project beginning with making drawings from observation, exploring media, and transforming the drawings from 2d to 3d to make a bird.


Years 3 & 4

(Year A)

Storytelling Through Drawing

Explore how artists create sequenced drawings to share and tell stories. Create accordian books or comic strips to retell poetry or prose through drawing.


. Sculpture, Structure, Inventiveness & Determination

What can artists learn from nature?


Exploring Still Life

Explore artists working with the genre of still life, contemporary and more traditional. Create your own still life inspired art work.



Years 3 & 4

(Year B)

Gestural Drawing with Charcoal

Making loose, gestural drawings with charcoal, and exploring drama and performance.


Cloth, Thread, Paint

Explore how artists combine media to create work in response to landscape. Use acrylic and thread to make a painted and stitched piece


Making Animated Drawings

Explore how to create simple moving drawings by making paper “puppets” and animate them using tablets.