Science encourages a sense of curiosity and excitement about the natural world. It provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. It helps children to think both creatively and logically when solving problems and sparks and excitement of learning. Science changes our lives and is vital to the future of the world. 

 We believe science should be delivered in a creative, active ways which allow children take ownership over their learning and provide wider links to other subjects within the curriculum. We also believe that science shouldn’t stop inside the classroom therefore children are encouraged to ‘Think like scientists’ all around the school by providing children with opportunities for awe and wonder.  

As part of our Church School values, we hold dear the thought that God created the world.  In the light of this, our curriculum offers opportunities to explore and to broaden our knowledge and deepen our understanding of God’s created world.   Children realise that their actions have consequences on the lives of others and that they have a responsibility to care for the world in which we live, that we have choices that can hurt ourselves and others and we all need to consider the wider effects of our actions before we take them. 



Science Curriculum

STEM club:

Every year we run a STEM club after school. In the past, children have made instant ice cream, built bridges and investigated floating and sinking.