We Love Reading

‘A Book is the door to your imagination’

At Horton St Michael’s we all love to read. A book is the key which can open up new places, new people and new ideas. It can take you on journeys that you could never undertake in real life, introduce you to characters you would never meet and can make you feel a wealth of emotions all in one sitting. We want to foster this love of reading in all our children as we believe it will give a lifetime of pleasure as well as being one of life’s vital skills.

Learning to Read

This is not something that just happens in school. Children are already on their journey to becoming readers before even starting school. They are already proficient speakers and see print all around their every-day lives. When they enter school we assess what they already know and use this to build their skills. We teach children phonics (the sounds that letters make) and teach children to stretch a word and blend it back together e.g. m-u-m. We use the scheme Letters and Sounds.

We read throughout the school day as well as in dedicated teaching times such as guided reading sessions and phonic sessions. We introduce children to a range of quality texts to develop their love of reading and to promote conversation about books which develops children’s comprehension, deduction and inference skills.

Reading at Home

We have a wide range of books for your child to bring home to share. For our young readers these are colour coded according to difficulty and children progress through these bands at their own rate.

Reading at home should be a pleasure for everyone. Choose your moment for reading – try not to do it when you or your child are tired or not in the mood! When you first pick up the book talk about the title, the pictures and look at any tricky words. When reading the book you can discuss the characters, illustrations as well as what might happen next. Don’t forget to carry on reading to your child as well as listening to them read! It doesn’t just have to be you – ask grandparents, older siblings, aunties and uncles!

Learning to read is a partnership between home and school. If you are having any difficulties remember we are always here to help!

We are proud to be a part of SUA Trust

SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership. The sevices provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support. In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.