What we do at Horton

All pupils at Horton St Michael’s access a broad, balanced and enriching history and geography curriculum.  Our curriculum is exciting, purposeful and packed full of interesting knowledge. We stimulate the children’s interest, curiosity and understanding about history and geography through key questions and wherever possible we enrich the curriculum with visits and visitors.

In history we teach pupils a sense of chronology and through this children develop a sense of identity and an awareness of the challenges of their time. Teaching of the progressive knowledge and skills, equips children to ask questions, think critically, consider evidence and develop perspective and judgement.

History teaching will help pupils to understand the complexity of their lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and the relationship between different groups. This learning knowledge will facilitate the critical, empathic thinking of lifelong learning.

In geography children learn about their immediate locality and the wider world they live in. They are encouraged to compare and contrast the different places on our planet. Geography teaching helps pupils to understand the relationship between human and physical geography and develop an understanding of how they can improve the world we live in.

We have adapted the National Curriculum history and geography Programme of Study for the basis of our teaching.


Nothing is left to chance in the curriculum. Our key knowledge documents show the facts we want our children to know and remember.

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Further information about how these subjects fit into our curriculum can be found on this page.

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