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and Ethos

Mission Statement

Children leave Horton as caring individuals who embrace challenge and are life-long learners, ready to become valuable citizens in a global community.


Our aim is for children to become confident, resourceful and resilient learners, we do this by providing a safe, nurturing environment where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities and challenge is welcomed. As a C of E school we encourage the children to have high moral standards and to respect all people; irrespective of belief so that they can engage productively in the world around them. We encourage children and parents to understand that learning happens everywhere and at any time and that the world is a place for adventure and opportunity.

Children learn best when they:

  • believe in themselves as learners
  • are given the opportunities and encouragement to be creative, investigative and reflective.
  • are given tools to become resilient
  • value and respect each other and all members of our community
  • are given the chance to learn in a variety of different ways and environments
  • feel safe and know that they will be listened to
  • understand how to keep themselves healthy and safe